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They looked at length of stay, pain control and flexion of the knee.

The results of the research should that there was no difference in range of motion, pain, or utilization of services between patients that had just physical therapy and patients who also have CPM.

This process, as mentioned by Shamian (2007) in his study, evaluates and affects the ability of a student nurse, as well as a professional nurse, to prioritize medical intercessions as they are provided and to assess the varying probabilities of the situation.

Decision analysis is such a vital process in the field of nursing that it has been divided into sub-divisions of formulations that include the processes like gaining the philosophy, evaluating the theory, working on the methodology, and then implementing it into professional practice.

This will see a better use of both communication tools. Because they are not just servomechanisms, their activities and movements have to be placed under reasonable, fair and just observation and evaluation.

The current study aims to examine and evaluate various practices... Table of Contents Table of Contents LITERATURE REVIEW MOBILIZATION AND POLITICAL TENSIONS 3 POLITICAL DEADLOCK 6 SECTARIAN DISCRIMINATION 9 THE ROLE & PARTICIPATION OF SAUDI ARABIA IN THE BAHRAIN REVOLT 10 REFERENCES 11 LITERATURE REVIEW The Bahrain is the smallest nation, with its population of 1.25 million as of 2010, in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) where as it has the most stratified and conglomerated society from the Gulf region.It has been evaluated to be an effective cycle of analysis as it creates space for unremitting improvement and is effective for the nurses who are beginning a new clinical formulation.The PDSA cycle develops and improves the design of the process of decision making as it advances an effective product or service of judgment.There is still controversy over the subject in this literature which is focused between 20. (2003) there is no difference in the use of CPM post operatively or not.This study used randomized patients studied in three different group through a six month period.As a result, the learning outcome, upon finishing the reading, resulted......controversy.Six articles were reviewed, 4 randomized clinical trials, 1 meta-analysis, and one chart review.In nursing, this process of finding methods and tools for the identification, clarification, and the representation of various assessed aspects of a decision is necessary when dealing with patients.Thus, it is necessary that the imperative and significant methods of decision analysis be examined and verified for their usage.Social media on the other hand needs to absorb the traditional media and work in collaboration. Through it, the employee should receive one’s due share of benefits in terms of remuneration, rewards and sanctions, psychological motivation, wholesome and safe working environment, among others.This may be described as a symbiotic relationship between them where each form complements the other. The Revolution in digitized ICTs and emergence of social networking sites transformed traditional media to new mass media: A rise of new age media. Performance appraisals are supposed to encourage continuance and stability, not only of the workers, but also of managerial personnel from the frontline to top management.


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