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She went to her mom to hand over the lollipop before going to Sparkle to ask for magic pop candies.When Sparkle told her to wait, she patiently watched her sister open a new pack of magic pop for her and quickly said thank you.

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After making her contribution, she focused on wriggling her finger into the candy pack to get more magic pop out of the pack.

After about 15 seconds of trying, she went to her mom for help.

She gave Sapphire a dark look before shouting again.

Sapphire finally looked at her with a confused look.

Children go through different stages of development. One is a toddler while the other is already school-aged. She is lightly built and can move very quickly if she wants to.

An observation was done first on the toddler before focusing on the school-aged girl. Her hair is quite short with bangs that are very short and uneven.She also has bangs but regrets having them and is trying patiently to wait for it to grow.Her skin is yellowish and fairer compared to Jewel’s.Again, after getting help, she quickly said “thank you” and devoured what was left in the pack.She then left the empty pack on the couch and asked her mom to open another one. She then shouted a comment to Sapphire who did not notice her.When her mom told her to turn it back on, she pouted but did as was told.However, she went to each kid and slapped their arms.(Oesterreich, 1995) Her language development seems normal in the sense that ‘often her words or sentences don't make sense to you.” (Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service, 2007, par.25) She can already form sentences using up to 6 words when she talks. She is the eldest sister of Jewel which makes her Filipina as well. Her mom explains that the clothes which fit Sparkle are for six to seven-year-old Asian girls. She is slightly smaller than other Asian children of her age are but she is quite talkative than most.Her mom explained that Jewel had found her sister’s school scissors and experimented on her own hair a few weeks ago.


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