Research Paper On Female Circumcision

Research Paper On Female Circumcision-78
This paper, based on qualitative interviews and observations, explores perceptions of female genital cutting and elimination of the phenomenon in Hargeisa, Somaliland.Two main groups of participants were interviewed: (1) 22 representatives of organisations whose work directly relates to female genital cutting; and (2) 16 individuals representing different groups of society.

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Perceptions of how FGC should be addressed ranged from acknowledging and directly confronting it to silencing and rejecting it as a Kurdish practice.

The participants associated FGC with a “traditional mindset” and perceptions of female sexuality that did not readily fit into new ideologies of women’s liberation.

Por lo que se argumenta que cualquier teoría viable sobre los derechos humanos debería tomar en cuenta esta diversidad.

Por otra parte, los universalistas argumentan que los derechos humanos son derechos de todas las personas, más allá de la cultura, la raza, el sexo, la religión, el género, etc.

more This study tackles the sociological effects of FGM on education of the girl child in Kisii County. A sample of 133 respondents was selected using Simple random sampling, 78.95% being females.

Descriptive Research design was adopted and data was collected using Questionnaires, Interviews and Focused Group Discussions.

It was found that there is an increasing use of medical staff and equipment when a girl undergoes the procedure of female genital cutting; the use of terminology is crucial in understanding current perceptions of female genital cutting; religion is both an important barrier and facilitator of elimination; and finally, traditional gender structures are currently being challenged in Hargeisa.

The findings of this study suggest that it is important to consider current perceptions on practices of female genital cutting and on abandonment of female genital cutting, in order to gain useful knowledge on the issue of elimination.

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