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This indicates a great deal of potential for improvement in recycling paper waste in the country.

There is no argument as to whether or not paper recycling reduces the demand for virgin timber.

Energy One of the most fundamental measurements of the effectiveness of recycling is its ability to reduce energy consumption, either by limiting transportation costs for waste products, or by using preprocessed feedstock that is more readily refined into finished products. Comparative Life Cycle Air Emissions of Coal, Domestic Natural Gas, LNG, and SNG for Electricity Generation.

Energy, simply the ability to do work, is itself is not damaging to the environment.

However, the manner in which energy is rendered into a useable form, by generating electricity, or extracting and refining petroleum, etc., will almost certainly entail some sort of environmental impact.

This may involve the disturbance of fish spawning via hydroelectric dams, the creation of nuclear waste from reactors, the seepage 7 of tailings from tar sand processing, or any number of other potential ecological side effects.

In 6 addition to these conventional methods, landfill with methane capture, incineration and cogeneration are also waste management options for paper.

Methane capture from landfills represents a potential source of energy, while concurrently reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Of this, 5 almost 7 million tonnes are consumed domestically, representing a per capita consumption of almost 250 kg, trailing only the United States and Japan, and easily surpassing the approximately 30 to 40 kg required for education and communication (Abramovitz and Mattoon 1999).

Despite the widespread access to recycling in Canada, only an estimated one-quarter is recovered for remanufacturing, (PPPC 2007), well below the global average of 40% (Earth Trends 2003).


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