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However, it is arguable that these errors could happen only if a packet is reordered and delayed too long so that these defects are unlikely to occur.This paper discovers an error when SCTP operates over First in First out (FIFO) channel without losses.The Data transfer phase involves Data and SACK (Selective Acknowledgement) chunks.

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Association setup uses a four-way handshake comprising four control chunks: Init; Init Ack; Cookie Echo and Cookie Ack.

Graceful closing uses a three-way handshakes comprising three control chunks: the Shutdown; Shutdown Ack and Shutdown Complete chunks.

Incorporating those suggested fixes, IETF revised the SCTP specification and published RFC 4960, which replaces RFC 2960.

Despite of being the revised specification, the descriptions of the simultaneous open and the restart procedures are still unclear and difficult to understand.

When carrying an Init or Init Ack chunk, the SCTP packet comprises only one chunk.

When sending a Cookie Echo chunk, the SCTP packet may enclose Data chunks after the Cookie Echo chunk.

The Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) is a reliable unicast transport protocol originally specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC 2960.

After years of implementing and testing, defects and errors in RFC 2960 were reported and later fixed in RFC 4460.

The VTAG is used to protect an association from blind attacks.

Each end point keeps two values of VTAG: “local VTAG" and “peer’s VTAG". In general, any received packets containing a VTAG differing from “local VTAG" will be discarded.


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