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If you haven’t checked out your school’s article database, you should.This is where you will probably find most of the good sources for a research paper.

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Articles are shorter and easier to digest than books, they typically have abstracts to help you get an idea of the usefulness of the source, they may reflect more recent research (check the dates), and often they are available electronically.

Check with your library’s website on how to access the database.

When you see one of these that looks interesting, drill down and use the original source rather than the abstract or review.

You might use a review alongside a particular source if the review challenges the source or looks at in a different way, but don’t use it in place of the original source.

A bibliography is the evidence for the research performed, credit where credit is due, and a resource for further study.

In fact, we are going to use them below to find good sources, too. So, a magazine article you find in the grocery store, or a blog post, typically will not be a scholarly source.

It sure helps towards paying off those student loans!

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Libraries often have workshops or tutorials on using Boolean search terms to search effectively. Schools that have strong online offerings tend to have extensive e-book collections available via the school library’s website.

Typically you can filter your library search by “e-book” if a trip to the physical library is out of the question.


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