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This must all be accounted for, and we have the alternative of requiring vouchers for every cent or of simply keeping a memorandum account and seeing that the cash corresponds with it at the close of the day.Are they three conjugations, or do they express three shades of meaning, like the three English presents?

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The simple note of such instruments, it is true, is generally a very clear, or what is called a melodious, sound.

The patriot who lays down his life for the safety, or even for the vain-glory of this society, appears to act with the most exact propriety.

Cruickshank has given us an excellent example of Massinger’s syntax— What though my father Writ man before he was so, and confirm’d it, By numbering that day no part of his life In which he did not service to his country; Was he to be free therefore from the laws And ceremonious form in your decrees?

One who is master of all his exercises has no aversion to measure his strength and activity with the strongest.

In this Aztec doctrine the ruler of the underworld is spoken of as _Mictlantecutli_, which the obtuse missionaries persistently render as the devil.

The ode of Keats contains a number of feelings which have nothing particular to do with the nightingale, but which the nightingale, partly, perhaps, because of its attractive name, and partly because of its reputation, served to bring together.

—Lord Chatham commenced his career in the intrigues of a camp and the bustle of a mess-room; where he probably learnt that the way to govern others, is to make your will your warrant, and your word a law.

This was seen to hold good alike in those graver situations in which nervous laughter is apt to occur, in the lighter ones, such as the escape of schoolboys from the classroom to the playground, and in the still lighter ones in which the strain relaxed is momentary only, of which the laughter induced by tickling is the best representative.

But to express the same relation in English, and in all other modern languages, we must make use of, at least, two words, and say, _of God_, _to God_.

He felt that he played a very subordinate part in all this; and in order to relieve his own wounded vanity, he was determined (as he thought) to mortify that of others.


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