Review Of Literature On Job Satisfaction

Singhai (2016) opined job satisfaction as the evaluation of person’s job and his company as contributing suitably to the attainment of one’s personal objectives.

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Job satisfaction represents the extent to which expectations are and match the real awards.

Job satisfaction is closely linked to that individual’s behaviour in the work place (Davis & Nestrom, 1985).

Therefore, it is a function of the intended and actual performance and the perceived discrepancy.

The concept of job satisfaction can be defined as the difference between the quantum of rewards received by employees and the amount they believe they should receive.

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Review Of Literature On Job Satisfaction

(2000), "Is length of service related to the level of job satisfaction? During the past years, the factors namely lack of fund, lack of raw materials, unskilled employees etc.were mostly considered to be the deterrents of initiation and development of entrepreneurial activities.In a scholarly academic contribution, Statt (2004) defined job satisfaction as the extent to which a worker is content with the rewards he or she gets out of his or her job, particularly in terms of intrinsic motivation.Job satisfaction is one of the most researched variables in the area of workplace psychology (Lu et al., 2012).Vroom (1964) opined that job satisfaction mainly focuses on the role of the employee in the workplace.He defined job satisfaction as an affective orientation on the part of individuals toward work roles which they are presently occupying.Again, Miller (2003) highlighted organisational commitment as a state in which an employee identifies with a particular organisation and its goals and wishes to maintain membership in the organisation.It is therefore, the degree in which an employee is willing to maintain membership due to interest and association with the organisation’s goals and values. Download as . Measurement of intention in terms of entrepreneurial mindset is becoming a researchable topic.


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