Revision Techniques For Essay Exams

Revision Techniques For Essay Exams-23
It is also wise to read your exam board rubric information online, which explains how the questions are structured and what they aim to test.

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You can draw mind-maps or spider diagrams by hand, or use computer software such as Mind Genuis2005 and Mind Manager.

Be careful not to base too much of your revision on films though – use them as an addition to your learning rather than the only revision you are doing and be aware that the plot or characters may have been changed.

One of the most effective forms of revision involves making associations to stories or rhymes to help you remember facts.

This is especially true if you have longer question answers, essays or case studies to answer in the exam as well – you need to know how long you can allocate to these questions.

You should plan your essay in your exam so it’s a good idea to practise writing essay plans as a part of your revision – they keep your argument clear and coherent.


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