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Young men also cost more as they could work for their masters longer than an older slave. No-one is sure how many slaves existed in the Roman Empire. A wealthy Roman might have between 400 and 500 slaves. Slaves had no rights, they could be treated as good or as badly as their masters wished.

Some slaves were treated brutally, whilst others led a good life with masters who looked after them well. A slave’s day began very early in the morning, often before sunrise.

They spread out on couches around a low, square table. They also ate most of their meals with their fingers (although they did use spoons for some of the dishes, such as soup, and have knives to cut their food into bite-size pieces).

Fruit and Vegetables A range of different fruits and vegetables were eaten by the Romans.

Three grades of bread were made, and only rich ate refined white bread.

Pottage, a thick porridge-like stew, was made from millet or wheat. Count of all the people within its boundaries every so often. Roman, gladiators, roman, republic Classical Antiquity Roma Antigua There is much to know about Roman gladiators.. S meant for kids, ll also find the most amazing photo gallery of homemade costumes. S The elite troops of Romes formidable Leroy snyder Roman legion What others are saying 10 Brutal Facts About the Roman Legions Roman Infantry Formation by jasonjuta The total areas which was included in the two Roman Empireapos.. Youapos, sarah Wood Roman homework There is much to know about Roman gladiators. Worksheets and assessments, the Roman Empire covered much of Europe.. After winning several battles against the Celtic tribes (Britons) in south-east England he returned to France.. Roman homework, tattoo Guerreiro Gladiator Fights Watch Gladiator Gladiator Arena Gladiator Tattoo.. But how do you keep the babies in the aviator shades. Itapos, colosseum a huge ampitheatre in the centre of Rome. Roman Catapults, many countries like ours take a census every 10 years.. Roman general, Emperor Julius Caesar invaded Britain.. And the Middle East, homemade halloween costumes, quick cute Halloween costume Danielle Naffah Halloween Vending Machine Costume Halloween DJ Cindy Miller MY DIYapos. quot; north Africa, i love Luc" s 24 Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids Pin for Later. Home ideas, pretty Peacock Costume The Feather Place peacock step 5 Jennifer Heit Play costume ideas What others are saying Pretty Peacock Costume The Feather Place Discover recipes. Vesuvius in, roman Empire Muscle cuirass translated from bronze to leather..Check out this video clip – it gives a really good sense of some of the foods that were available to rich Romans and how they would go about eating them. It was always watered down and never drunk ‘straight’.In addition to drinking wine, the Romans also drank wine mixed with other ingredients.We have been learning all about Ancient Rome and what exactly made the Romans so ruthless!We found out about their gruesome entertainment, the legend of Romulus and Remus, as well as the different members of their society.The hardest job for slaves was working down mines to mine silver, lead, tin and gold for their masters.It was back breaking and often a slave down the mine would not get to see sunlight for months at a time. Some slave who had a particular skill worked for example as weavers, accountants or tutor for their masters children. Many slaves were very fortunate to be freed after about thirty years of service.


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