Short Essay On Conservation Of Trees

Short Essay On Conservation Of Trees-74
It is as though they don’t even care that they are dooming themselves as well as the trees. Their leaves intercept rain and lower the force of impact the water has on the ground. People plant trees on mountain slopes and other similar places to prevent mud slides. All though some live on the ground, most of them live in trees.

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A forest is a very complex system of animals and plants, living in and on fertile and suitable soil. This layer is made up of soft green plants and wildflowers.

Forests are divided up into five different levels or layers.

Not only are trees burnt down but thousands of wild animals are killed in the horrendous task of burning of the forests.

The natural cycle is affected by deforestation and furthermore devastated with the wild animals which are molested to death with the never- ending fire.

Conservation Trees are an integral part of production agriculture as they improve crop yields and preserve topsoil for future abundant harvests.

Planted along streams and wetlands, they prevent erosion and clean the water.

Preserving the forests is what is extremely essential.

Burning down the forests, cutting down the trees or deforestation is visible more and more now- a- days because of the setting up of new industries and growth of population.

Instead of being self- centred, we should plant trees for our coming generations.

In this 4-G world, we should use less and less paper thus using more and more electronic equipments to conduct our day to day activities.


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