Simplex Method Solved Problems

Simplex Method Solved Problems-19
Implementing the solution should then be done in a professional manner.

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Simplex Method Solved Problems

It’s a good idea to first generate a number of evaluation criteria, allowing for an objective evaluation.By following the Simplex Process, they can diagnose the problem more easily and then suggest and implement solutions.The Simplex Process consists of three phases, subdivided into eight steps: This first phase is about the first three steps of the Simplex Process, namely problem finding, fact finding, and problem definition. When it’s clear what the problem is, you can look at where in the organisation this problem has its origins.After the focus on the description of the problem, the Simplex Process switches to the second phase of finding possible solutions.The following steps are involved; finding ideas that can lead to a solution and selecting and evaluation those ideas.Only when sufficient support has been secured, can the action plan be implemented.This step deserves as much attention as the other ones; after all, if the plan is not followed, the problem won’t be solved.Departments and individual employees play an important role in this.It might be a good idea to set up a project group to come up with creative solutions.Many ‘why’ questions help to get an idea of the bigger picture. The following example shows how: The problem definition is about the customer service department that does not connect customers to the right person in most cases.Within the Simplex Process, this step is about a wide range of ideas that might offer a solution.


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