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The luxury of time helps us envision how we might make these new practices our own—how we might tweak the writing prompts, change the readings, figure out ways to accommodate collaborative learning in larger classes, and explore how poetry, for instance, might inspire students from ethnically and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

During the weeklong workshops, teachers live in private dorm rooms on campus, eat meals together, and enjoy the beautiful setting and lively atmosphere of Annandale-on-Hudson in the summer. Workshop groups meet for fourteen sessions in total, beginning Sunday evening, July 7, at pm.

“I’ve seen 12 new ways to think about this text–as technology, as evolution, as modern art, etc.

I’ve also seen how I can have deep conversations with the texts as a whole by looking at just one short passage.” Discounted fees for prospective teachers: A 10% discount is offered for those studying to become teachers (i.e., those registered in an accredited graduate program in education).

This workshop is designed for teachers who are familiar with the strategies introduced in Writing and Thinking or Writing to Learn (or in similar workshops elsewhere) and who want to focus on helping students write essays.

“Inquiry into Essay” focuses on the analytic essay as a finished product, emphasizing ways to pull together fragments of good writing and information into a coherent whole.

Because teachers often work without the support of a vital learning community and have little opportunity to write in or outside the classroom, the workshop is purposely communal and collaborative.

Teachers write together, exchange ideas, and respond to one another’s work.

“The whole world has turned on its head, but one thing has stayed the same: kids don’t know history,” writes Sam Wineburg in Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts.

In the classroom, history teachers work with a mix of methods and techniques for giving students basic historical information—the sequence of historical periods; dates of important events; and key figures in social, political, and cultural movements.


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