Teaching English As A Foreign Language Essay

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For instance, a teenager who is learning to speak French should learn about the history of France, its traditions, people, literature, and even its cuisine.

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Naturally, a student who finds success in learning vocabulary, forming sentences, and pronouncing words feels a sense of accomplishment.

Once a student has a good grasp on the vocabulary of a second language, he or she will likely possess the confidence to tackle another language.

Furthermore, when a student takes a foreign language he or she garners a wider knowledge of the history belonging to different parts of the world.

The problem solving skills as well as the creative thinking skills developed in a second language course carry over to a student's other academic work.

Second year students from the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, particularly those who are undertaking a year abroad and plan to do overseas assistantships, or related work placements can take this 20 credit, full year module.

Teaching English As A Foreign Language Essay

This module introduces some key principles and practical techniques in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.

In today's globalized business world, it is completely possible that a person working for a company would be required to travel the world to conduct business with people in different countries.

Consequently, an employee with knowledge of a second language adds to his or her value in the workplace.

Consequently, he or she must use creative thinking skills to put together sentences using unfamiliar vocabulary words.

Foreign language students also improve their thinking skills by comparing the words they are learning with words of their native language.


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