Technology In The 20th Century Essay

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Development in the health care will be greatly observed in this century.First of all, the diagnosis of severe diseases will be straight-forward as a consequence of the presence of high technological apparatuses and innovative devices.

Development in the health care will be greatly observed in this century.

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Then people would explore the sea resources as the land resources would be less in number and that would be a great new source for people.There is no doubt that 21st century will bring extremely advanced and innovative changes, related to almost every field and it will help the human being to raise the standard of their lives.What kind of changes are expected, it will be discussed in following paragraphs.Hence, people all over the world can step foot to the different diversity of each country close to a blink of an eye.A good example is the constant competition of the airline companies, therefore, decreasing their price range or offering a more reasonable package holidays to the mass public.Fourth, the conflict among nations would become more economic than the doctrine and politics.The world would be divided in terms of capitalism and socialism and new political dogma would appear in many countries.To begin with, one must acknowledge that 21st century is a technologically advanced century.Inventors are doing extremely tremendous research work to make the new inventions come into existence, which will ultimately lead to a sophisticated life for the human.In conclusion, the world would have newer technologies and a better life expectation in this century while the political conflict would arise and that might lead to destruction.At the same time, people would learn more about the outer space and sea resources more than ever.


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