Template For Writing A Literature Review

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If you are asked to write a literature review, check on Moodle or with your tutor for instructions.

You may be asked to do an annotated bibliography as a first step. Most university courses will require you to write at least one essay or report.

The one will have to consecrate information on the research topic collected within your scientific area.

How to write a literature review for a dissertation, scientific article, any another assignment so that it covers all aspects of your research and is compliant with all writing requirements? Literature review writing will not be a problem for you if you have ever worked on similar tasks.

Literature review writing is a laborious process; it requires a lot of time, an all-out effort, in-depth understanding of the topic, analytical thinking.

If you lack anything from the above list, the risk of you accomplishing poor literature review is high.Your first step is to look at your lecturer's instructions on Moodle or on your paper outline.The Library has lots of great books on essay writing: go to Library Search, type "essay writing" into the search box and limit to books.The popular majority of students use information from latest journal publications, abstracts, and online books that relate to the topic being under study.The main idea behind using scientific literature is developing a thesis statement with references to publications and researchers. In order to most select sources for literature review conveniently and effectively, pay special attention to: Virtually all above resources have an option of advanced search, which will help you find researched information efficiently.The stages of a literature review are to: An undergraduate literature review may be for an essay, research report, annotated bibliography, or a literature assignment.This may require you to find a small selection of literature, for example ten relevant articles.However, due to strict requirements for postgraduate scientific works and literature review format, students have many questions concerning principles of writing and the main rules to be followed. If you want to know everything about literature review writing - from assignment description to effective approaches of handling the task, keep reading the post.We will answer all your questions and provide you with an example of how a winning literature review should look like.What is a literature review; how to work on a task; what are prerequisites to a good paper?A literature review is a document that reflects the degree of student’s knowing the subject of research.


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