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In this paper, we examine the role this quality of labor relations has played in the evolution of unemployment across European countries over the last 30 years.We conclude that it has played an important role: Countries with worse labor relations have experienced higher unemployment.

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A survey of managers was undertaken to identify patterns and prevalence and a deliberative research event explored the attitudes and experiences of HR managers responsible for implementing PM systems.

The purpose of different PM systems and the values underpinning them are explored, as are their various components and the design and implementation issues being encountered.

Companies were visited across a period of three years in order to explore progress on consultation arrangements.

Click to download the four reports that have been published so far from the BIS website (all open in new windows).

Acas commissioned research in collaboration with BIS and the CIPD on the impact of the Information and Consultation Directive.

The research, carried out by Warwick University, involved a series of case studies in small, medium sized and larger workplaces.An account of emerging trends in PM system design is also presented, with some of the important challenges that organisations currently face in this area being highlighted.The Acas Blog: Read and comment on views, experiences and insights on employment relations policy and research shared on the Acas policy blog Subscribe to policy and research email updates: Sign up to email updates of articles, policy discussion papers, and the latest research from the Acas Strategy Unit and the RAI team.Analysts routinely predict the death of the labor movement. Heralds of labor’s demise often argue that unions were needed in the past, but modem, enlightened management and the need for economic competitiveness make them obsolete. But then, workers fed up with employers’ exploitation decide to find new ways to defend themselves.History does not repeat itself, and conditions now are not the same as those spurring the great organizing drives of the 1930s and ‘40s.flexibility in the amount of hours worked, such as part time work and job shares; and 3.flexibility in the place of work, such as working at home or at a satellite location. [Excerpt] This chapter examines how various forces in the environment influence labor relations in emerging countries.Acas' Research, Analysis & Insight (RAI) team undertakes and commissions a range of in-depth research projects, findings from which are captured in our research papers series.These papers comprise both evaluations of Acas services and reports which contribute to wider employment relations debates. A mixed-methods study of employers’ use of Performance Management systems [1Mb]This report presents evidence from a mixed-methods study looking at employers' use of PM systems in different operational contexts.ILO Research Papers promote evidence-based analysis of policies that help improve employment and social outcomes.Submissions, of 8,000 to 10,000 words, should be sent to the editorial board for internal and external peer review.


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