Themes In Merchant Of Venice Essay

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That is true but if we look at Antonio at the court, we arrive at the same judgment as...

In the city of Venice, tension arises between a moneylender and a merchant.

For example, Bassanio wants to marry Portia because she is wealthy.

Bassanio himself says to Antonio that "his chiefly care is to come fairly off from the great debts" (I. 126 -127) and that "in Belmont is a lady richly left." (I. 160) Then he goes on how if he married her, he would "questionless be fortunate." (I. 175) This is a very interesting part and it shows the mastery of Shakespeare.

The inner qualities such as honesty, charity, and kindness are more important.

Portia, a beautiful woman, hopes to find a husband ,but she must fulfill her father's will.

This is a very hypocritical attitude from the Christian side and it can be demonstrated by many examples.

Shylock is accused of being greedy but he is not alone.

A friend of him, Bassanio, desperately needs money because all of his money is on his ships and he wants to go to Belmont to visit the woman of his dreams, Portia.

Therefore he goes to Antonio to ask if he is willing to go to Shylock and ask him if he can have 3000 ducats.


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