Thesis About Supermarket Marketing

Price per Unit/ounce As one traverses the aisle, the product prices keep changing depending on product, brand and size.The aisle starts with expensive products gradually introducing cheaper products and then ending in more expensive products.Coffee shops are the best venues for such meetings.

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This is most evident in the manner products with gifts or special offers are treated. An example of this can be that of acceptable ways of dressing in a society or group, speech patterns or behavior in a......?

A Couple at the Coffee Shop A Couple at the Coffee Shop Friday evening and the streets flock with people, couples walking hand in hand.

Promotions/Coupons and Special Offers At the aisle, products under promotion or those with coupons are placed toward the end of the aisle. This term is more specifically defined as basic rules or guidelines that a social group observes which dictate what behavior, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and values appropriate or inappropriate.

Similarly, those with gifts attached to them are placed almost at the furthest end of the aisle. Based on the different situation and groups these rules may be explicit or group.

Conclusion Considering the arrangement of products as observed in the supermarket, it is beyond doubt that the aisle is arranged to offer the potential buyer utmost convenience as noted by Consumer Reports Magazine (par 1). Another way to look at the concept of social norms is by describing them as customary rules of action that guide our interactions with others.

Yet again, the aisle is arranged so as to lure the potential buyer into spending more than they had actually budgeted for as they have to walk longer distances to access the products that they would otherwise wish to access first. It is important to note that these vary with the passage of time, social classes and social groups.

Products that are middle sized or that are grouped in small units are positioned in the middle shelves.

Smaller units and extremely large units of products are placed on upper and lower shelves.

Quantitative data will also be collected through the use of questionnaires, direct observation and this will be done to some selected international supermarkets such as wal-mart and this will mainly focus on issues concerning sales management and brand loyalty of customers.

After data collection and capture, data will be analysed through the use of pie charts, bar graphs based on the percentage of response in order for research to determine the various effects related to the research question. This paper is outlines my volunteer experience in a preschool, called Kinderland.


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