Thesis Multimedia Box Size

The online deposit system can cope with very large files being deposited, but from the point of view of people trying to access your thesis it is best if PDF files are kept to a reasonable size.

To convert your thesis to PDF format using a CSCE PC or a PC running the Standard Staff Desktop you have various options.

Like many colleges and universities, Northeastern has implemented an ETD program to replace the traditional practice of depositing print copies of theses and dissertations in the library.

University guidelines on the layout and presentation of your thesis are available.

Details of how to deposit associated multimedia files can be found in Depositing your thesis.

For help and advice on preparing the electronic version of your thesis you will find it extremely useful to attend the course on 'Using Word to prepare your thesis' run by IT Services.

Making the full text of your thesis or dissertation available online through the university's ETD program does not void or cancel your copyright.

It simply allows your work to reach a wider audience.

You should save the PDF version of your thesis using the following filename format: year - name - e.g.

2007or 2008If you need to deposit two files, one complete and one with 3rd party copyright material edited out you should give them different filenames using the following format: Public version: year - name - (e.g.


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