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Thesis Wireless Security-60
By creating a wormhole or apply- ing rushing attacks, the attackers can prevent good routes from being discovered, and increase their chance of being on discovered routes.Once an attacker is on a certain route, it can create a black hole by dropping all the packets passing through it, or create a gray hole by selectively dropping some packets passing through it.

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Various schemes have been proposed to handle jamming attack in the literature.

One way to handle jamming attack is to design robust physical layer technologies, such as spread spectrum, which are resistant to RF jamming [7, 7, 77].

Later, Capkun and Hubaux have investigated secure routing in ad hoc networks in which security associations exist only between a subset of all pairs of nodes [].

However, most of the existing secure routing schemes have focused on prevent- ing illegitimate nodes from being on the routes.

Some performance comparison among various rout- ing protocols have been demonstrated in [].

However, in order to work properly, these protocols need trusted working environments, while in reality the environ- ments is usually adversarial.In the literature, various secure routing protocols have been proposed, such as For example, Papadimitratos and Haas [65] have proposed a secure routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks that guarantees the discovery of correct connectivity information over an unknown network in the presence of malicious nodes.Sanzgiri et al [76] have considered a scenario that nodes authenticate routing information coming from their neighbors while not all the nodes on the route will be authenticated by the sender and the receiver.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.The di®erence with PGP is that in their system, certi¯cates are stored and distributed by the users. have also discussed how to build security associations with the help of mobility in mobile ad hoc networks [].Since in ad hoc network nodes relies on each other to forward packets, routing has become one of the most active research topics during the last decade, and various routing protocols have been proposed, such as DSR [7, 8], AODV [70], OLSR [5], and TBRPF [6].In the literature, very few schemes have considered insider attacks.Among them the most representative one is proposed by Marti et al [58].In this dissertation we will not focus on jamming attack, and will assume that some 8existing schemes, such as those proposed in [7,8], have been employed to address such attacks.Besides physical layer attacks, attackers can also try to interrupt the normal Medium Access Control (MAC) layer behaviors, such as described in .


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