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As the writer, you absolutely have creative license while working on your essay, and you don’t have to maintain a strictly scholarly tone 100 percent of the time.Though it’s good to stick to an academic tone as much as possible in formal essays, throwing in the odd joke or giving your essay more of a creative feel works in some cases.Okay, let’s pretend that we are writing an essay about why texting while driving is dangerous.

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To get some ideas about what tone to take in a personal narrative essay, see these examples.Our editors at Kibin have a complete understanding of tone and can’t wait to help you sort it out.We’ll give you pointers about word choice and resources that will shape you into a master of tone in your writing.Let’s change a few words in that sentence and see what happens.Here, though the reader still gets the idea that sunrise is probably light red and orange, we have a completely new tone.It’s much better to use words you know to prove your point than to make your essay sound like it’s being read aloud by an ancient old man with glasses.For more tips about how to avoid those temptingly big words, check out this blog about not using words that sound smart.Also remember that you have much more leeway in your essay’s tone when you are writing a personal or narrative essay.In fact, keeping a scholarly tone in those assignments will make them boring and irritating to both write and read.Also, the contraction “can’t” and colloquialisms such as “super big” and “all up in your face” make the tone of an essay sound too informal and not academic.Lastly, using the second-person perspective (you, your, yours) smashes any idea anyone might have had of an academic tone.


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