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However, if you are struggling to make a nail biting decision, one recommendation is to draft a high level speech outline bullet point style for each of the short listed topics. I am the co-founder of the start up business Public Speaking for Life with Tarek Said.

When identifying the key points in the body of each speech outline, the topic that is the easiest and the quickest to craft is most likely the one you know most about and find the most interesting! I have a passion for public speaking and want to help you master it.

Consider all the factors in the steps above and be ruthless. Which of your ideas are the most relevant to the speaking event?

Which ideas are likely to be most appealing to your audience?

Being aware of the commonalities of your audience can assist in selecting a topic that is relevant. As a speaker if you are genuinely interested in your speech topic it makes researching, writing and delivering it so much more enjoyable.

What topics do you already have knowledge on and/or have you had experiences that your audience can learn from?Before writing any speech selecting the right speech topic can be a painful, drawn out and tedious process. With our Public Speaking for Life guide on how to select a speech topic you can narrow down the right speech topic for you without wasting time!Finding out what the nature of the speaking event is and the primary purpose behind it can really help in narrowing down a topic which is relevant and fit for purpose.When you review your short list of finalists there may be one topic that just leaps out at you, you find yourself naturally bonding with it and the speech is beginning to write itself in your mind.When this happens you have hit the jack pot and the speech writing process can commence.There is a limited time to prepare a speech and yet a disproportionate chunk of this time gets absorbed in trying to nail down the best speech topic.This then has a negative knock on effect on writing the speech and the quality of practice achievable given the limited time left.No matter what you call it, impromptu public speaking terrifies many people. For some people the idea puts them off trying any form of public speaking and for others who are comfortable with formal presentations often they still find the impromptu element, the unplanned and unrehearsed, extremely daunting. Which topic do you know most about and find interesting?Are there any hot topics that are bound to be a crowd pleaser?


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