Tricks To Solve Trigonometry Problems

Tricks To Solve Trigonometry Problems-27
As far as Height and distance is concerned, there is absolutely no need to mugup that big n boring table because of following reasons If the video is not visible, check it directly on my youtube channel Mrunal Patel Above video also contains overview of the Height and Distance Questions and its five subtypes.How to solve each type of height and distance questions, will be explained in depth in separate videos later on.

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Thus, 1° = 60′, 1′ = 60″ Some of the angles whose measures are 360°,180°, 270°, 420°, – 30°, – 420° are shown in Radian Measure: There is another unit for measurement of an angle, called the radian measure.

Angle subtended at the centre by an arc of length 1 unit in a unit circle (circle of radius 1 unit) is said to have a measure of 1 radian.

In earlier classes, we have studied the trigonometric ratios of acute angles as the ratio of the sides of a right angled triangle.

We have also studied the trigonometric identities and application of trigonometric ratios in solving the problems related to heights and distances.

The topic of height and distance in trigonometry is an important topic from competitive examination point of view.

Generally you must have seen the problems where the height of a building is given and then from the top of this building the angles of elevation or depression are given for another building and you have to find the height of the second building. The values in the table will be used while solving the questions on height and distances.

In the meantime, If you follow only half of these tricks you will see a dramatic change in your performance and effectiveness.

We do our best to make fresh, easy-to-understand and helpful manuals that will help you better understand math, literature, biology, history, physics, chemistry and geometry assignments.

That's why today, I will show you ten basic trigonometry tricks that every college student should know which will help in completing their homework.

Without further due, let's have a look at the ten best tips and tricks to help solve your trigonometric problems.


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