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She often goes by other names such as spinster, madwoman, conjure woman, etc.

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Summarize the myths from these two different cultures that present this archetype.

(Be sure to appropriately cite your sources for the myth variations used.) C.

You will use evidence from primary and secondary sources to support your claims. Compare the two cultural variations of the myths presented, including the similarities and differences. Discuss the prevalence and significance of these same archetypes in modern media or in contemporary versions of the myth.

Support your comparison with evidence from the primary sources. Discuss the prevalence and significance of these same archetypes in the ethics and mores and/ or the roles of individuals in societies of contemporary culture (e.g., the roles of women have been influenced by archetypes of women in myths).

This research asserts that the female trickster contains all of the main characteristics of the male trickster.

Furthermore, I assert that this is a universal archetype for women and argue for continued broadening of this archetype to female representatives. Anansi the spider, who is often considered the original male trickster, appears in Asante myth as early as 1400 CE, whereas the first female trickster written on my timeline is Lilith, the woman before Eve, in Jewish mythology.The tricksters in Greek mythology, Hermes/ Mercury and Baubo, occur even earlier, in 900 BCE. Lilith demonstrates aspects which are common among the female tricksters: her liminality, her boundary-crossing, and her connection to the divine or malign feminine, which transcends time and space. Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.Tricksters can be evil (like Loki or the Joker), or they can be good (like Bugs Bunny).Another archetypal character is the , who has many of the attributes of a Hero but is not a traditional “good guy.” Batman, for example, is an anti-hero: while he fights crime and stops super-villains, he is also a moody recluse with a slightly cruel streak.According to convention, the trickster archetype is predominantly reserved to the male figure.Some literary theorists dispute that the female trickster is a new figure and does not fit with the traditionally male archetype.This study is unique because it includes both literary, mythical, and historical figures.I outline a timeline of female tricksters across multiple cultures.


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