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Suggested initial topic reading: Perceptions of spirituality: The irrepressible rise of evangelicalism within the Anglican Church.Within the established church, numbers attending traditional services are declining and the average age of active parishioners are increasing.

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Hildegaard of Bingen, and Catholic Social Teaching and community medicine.

Students who wish to complete a research project on a topics not routinely offered in coursework are welcome to design their own 3-credit "Directed Readings" course with available faculty.

The resignation of Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury and his subsequent comments as to the role of the Archbishop being too big for one man has opened up a number of governance issues within the Established Church.

Chief amongst these is whether the traditional assimilation of roles (in the body of the Archbishop of Canterbury) between being Head of the Church of England in England – notwithstanding the role of Her Majesty the Queen, and Head of the Anglican Communion globally, should be retained.

These have been further complicated within the UK domestic sphere by the Coalition’s proposals to legislate same sex marriages.

This dissertation asks whether the failure to find a ‘way forward’ that can accommodate traditionalists and progressives within not only the Church of England but also the world wide Anglican Communion means that a schism and formal separation between differing wings of the church is now inevitable – and permanent.

Towards schism: Gay marriage and the Anglican Communion.

The decision – in 2012 – of the American Episcopal Church (part of the Anglican Communion) to acknowledge gay rights and devise a special liturgy for same-sex blessings has had world-wide repercussions within the Anglican Communion.

In contrast, within those churches that are unaffiliated numbers of worshippers are rising.

In addition, the nature of such services is markedly different with less formality, a greater emphasis on personal worship and an embracing of more modern techniques for incorporating music in services from those of organ and be-gowned choristers.


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