Urgent Care Center Business Plan

Urgent Care Center Business Plan-65
The professional medical corporation should be certain that the buyer is a licensed physician or professional medical corporation, so as to avoid a claim that the seller is aiding and abetting unlicensed practice of medicine.The seller may wish to provide to collect the accounts receivable for a wind-up period of time (for example, six months).

In either case, for the buyer, due diligence is necessary as with all health care M&A.

If the seller has left a compliance loose end, it may come back to haunt the buyer.

For example, physicians must be physician-supervised under a delegation of services agreement, and nurses under collaboration agreements and standardized protocols.

If the physician practice is owned by a professional medical corporation, then the professional medical corporation may decide to sell via a stock purchase agreement (i.e., selling all the shares of stock to the buyer, so that the buyer succeeds to the assets and liabilities), or, via an asset purchase agreement (the liabilities remain with the seller).

Sarasota Memorial’s UCCs accept most major health insurance plans and also offer discounted, self-pay prices below what you’d pay for care at an ER.

If you have insurance, all payments, including your co-pay, deductible or coinsurance will be due.

Outpatient clinics and urgent care facilities often serve as an alternative place to receive healthcare when individuals are unable to get to a hospital.

In the midst of a public health emergency, these settings may see an increase in the number of patients they treat.

If the urgent care center has a pharmacy onsite, then a state pharmacy license will be required.

An X-ray permit or registration may be necessary if the urgent care center performs onsite X-ray services.


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