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Than In addition, people there depend on their farm to support their family or plants crop.They are very slow and lack of ideas to develop their own farming or living style.

Than In addition, people there depend on their farm to support their family or plants crop.They are very slow and lack of ideas to develop their own farming or living style.Some people think living in city is more comfortable.

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Although living in the city provides benefits, there are many of advantages. The traffic in the city is surely busy and cause many accidents too.

Many people cannot go school or work because of traffic jam. People in the city need to work time and get part time job in order to have a better lives. They are too busy with their work, so they do not have time to spend with their neighbors.

People always have their own choices of living, lifestyle.

City lifestyle and country lifestyle are two different types of livings.

Although you finish your high school, there is no even one university for you to continue.

they may need to come to city if you plan to be graduated.

For example: If the flood comes, they do not even know when and how to prevent from it.

Last of all, there is no internet connection which makes us hard to communicate or contact people.

These have many differences in the environment, job opportunity, and cost of living.

Therefore, the differences of these make people consider about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city and country side.


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