What Is An Outline For An Research Paper

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If you have too many ideas, your paper will either be too long or more likely, vague and overly general. This means you shouldn’t have more than four or five Roman numerals in your outline.

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In general, a standard high school or college research paper should have no more than four or five main points.

You need more than one paragraph to make a paper, you need more than one sentence to make a paragraph, and you need more than one detail to support an idea.

The reader, in turn, benefits from the outline in the form of a complete and detailed table of contents.

Some instructors will require you to submit a formal outline with your research paper.

It helps you see where you need to revise and edit your writing, too. Expanded and divided into topics and subtopics, it helps you create a map as you draft your research paper.

The way you organized your note cards gives you a good idea of how to organize your outline. An effective working outline has the following parts: Usually, the entries are written as sentences.

It must do more than simply state “This paper is about …” A good thesis includes the most important information your reader should know. Here’s a model of a jotted outline: Thesis: Since cigarette smoking creates many problems for the general public, it should be outlawed in all public places.

It may identify key themes or state a position, hypothesis, theory, opinion, or point of view that the paper is designed to defend, advocate, or argue.

Arguments in a persuasive paper are not like quarrels you have with another person.

There is no place for name-calling and personal attacks in a research paper.


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