What Is The Thesis Of Wild Swan By Jung Chang

What Is The Thesis Of Wild Swan By Jung Chang-19
is a tale of extraordinary cruelty and bravery, of death and survival.Breathtaking in its scope, unforgettable in its description of China’s long nightmare, it is both an important work of history and a remarkable human document.

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But this book is more than just dry historical fact - it packs an emotional punch that is hard to overstate.

Not only is great suffering described but also great courage and bravery.

We are also not told of the struggles between the Communist Party and the Japanese until much later in the memoir in page 56 where she inform us of the renewed rivalry, she writes, “Both were maneuvering for position in preparation for renewing the civil war which had been partly suspended for the previous eight years in order to fight the Japanese” (Chang 56), this provides a serious flaw in the chronology of events and thus provides the reader with a challenge, The following quote sums up the memoir, “Ruled by different masters”(Chang 67) , as can be observed in the book all the rulers come with their promises of good life for the people but they eventually change and start oppressing them. This essay on A precise of the Three Daughters of China Wild Swan was written and submitted by user M1ya to help you with your own studies.

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I thought it was just some craziness in which doctors, administrators and other professionals were sent to work in the fields.

What I had no idea about was what it was really like for the people involved.

Corruption creeps in and disables the economy, and it deteriorates to a serious position this led to Kuomintang loosing soldiers because none of the youth wants to volunteer.

The communist finally take over the Jinzhou, they tell the people, “don’t be afraid. We are your army, the people’s army.”(Chang 81) The writer has portrayed the Communist Party of China in good light only, she doesn’t give as an account and the instances of the atrocities committed by the party during the war and in subsequent events, for example she doesn’t inform us of the communist policy of the suppression of the freedom of religion.

She later tells us of how China was attacked by the Japanese and it lost a huge part of its territory and how the Japanese colonized China by introducing the teaching of Japanese in school, use of Japanese methods and being taught by Japanese teaches .

The writer gives us the low point of the political struggle involving the Japanese and the Chinese citizens by telling a story of a Chinese who had been arrested and killed for committing an ‘economic crime’ by eating rice which had only been reserved for the Japanese and Chinese collaborators.


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