With God Nothing Is Impossible Essay

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The Logos is what was “without effect and useless until it took form.”“Logos” has been translated as “word” but that is misleading for those that don’t understand the metaphorical/abstract meaning of “word”.They equate “word” with the words written in the Bible and sometimes with God and with Jesus.

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There are two main reasons why I don’t believe in God.

The first is a philosophical argument and the second comes from Physics.

For Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, Logos is not words written in the Bible. Bainton, in his book “Here I Stand, a life of Martin Luther,” For ancient Greeks “Logos” meant Universal Truths, principles, that created, sustain and govern our universe and all living things.

These Principles are the laws of Physics, thermodynamics, gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces, evolution, hydraulics, and energy, and whatever it is that forms matter.

“Word” as used here is more akin to “product of”, as a painting is the word of the painter.

This still misleads people from the original intent of the word Logos.I told him that I think he is crazy, but that it is okay, it doesn’t bother me if he believes in God.But it was obvious that he was bothered that I don’t believe in God.A clue to the answer is in the Bible for those that look for it! ” Here adding the word formless makes sense, without form, whatever was there was without effect and useless.Genesis 1: “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth,the earth was a formless void”. We all know void means that something is empty, vacant, but why use the word “formless”? What is this something that was “without effect and useless until it took form?They didn’t understand “ideas”, how our minds work.For them if we call something “good” it is because there is a “model of Good” (some sort of a thing, a material object or living being) that is “Good” that we hold everything else up against in order to be able to judge if something is good.A friend asked me if I am really an Atheist or just an Agnostic.I told him that I am an Atheist and he said I must be crazy.The building blocks of the Universe were already there. “With” means that the Logos and God were connected but they aren’t the same thing.God, if there was a God, used what was already there.“In the beginning was the Logos”. If you walk with God, it is a metaphorical statement that means you are in agreement or in harmony with God, you are headed in the same direction. Here the claim is that the Universal Principles that govern the Universe are God.


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