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You’ll also find out how to update your resume in just 15 minutes. Keep it minimalist Fashion bloggers aren’t the only ones looking to cut the fluff. One trick for dealing with those gaps is to switch from using months (Sept 2010–May 2011) to using years (2010–2011). As tempting as it is to create just one resume and stick to it for as long as possible, it’s really important to customize your resume for each job you apply for, or at least for each field/position.

Rather than including your entire work history, limit yourself to your top 4 most relevant (and likely, recent) work experiences. Once you’re in an interview, you can talk through any in-between projects that come up. There are a couple important reasons for that: First, the only way to keep your resume minimalist is to cut it down to the most relevant information.

You can even make it easy on yourself by saving different versions of your resume.

For example, maybe you have a video editing-focused resume that helps you get videography jobs, and a nonprofit-focused resume to help you land speaking jobs. No one cares about your education As someone who recalls the university library with warm fuzzies, I get it.

To ensure you’re painting yourself in the best light, always aim to draw attention to the skills and experience that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for.

For example, if you don’t have much work experience yet, choosing a layout that places an emphasis on your skills and education is a great way to make the best of what you’ve got – and those in industries that require certain expertise (e.g.While I do have a full-time, resume-friendly job, I also blog outside of work, own a restaurant with my husband, and build the occasional website.If you’re like many creatives, this is probably a familiar story.One great trick is to compile all your work in a certain area under one item of work experience.For example, maybe you write “Copywriter Content Marketer” as an item of work history, and then list some of your freelance projects in that area in the description. Make it interactive Speaking of freelance projects, make sure that you link to projects throughout your resume.Which projects should I actually include on my resume?How do I talk about my side project that has nothing to do with my day job? And most importantly: How do I make people want to hire me??All that creative energy leaves you with a unique set of worries when it comes to resumes.Worries like: How do I share my story without seeming unfocused?But if you majored in poli sci before getting into web design, your 4 years in school aren’t going to qualify you for the job.To place the emphasis on your work history instead of your education, reorder your resume so that your experience is more prominent, and delete outdated credentials like your GPA and other academic achievements. Broaden your definition of “work experience” Maybe you’re looking at a history of freelance work (and those Etsy shops! You don’t need to limit yourself to including typical “jobby jobs” with regular working hours and coworkers.


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