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I once heard a magazine editor say that he expected authors to spend hours working on stories and refining their ideas before submitting a pitch.

And while this isn’t true of all print publications, it speaks to the high expectations many print editors have when evaluating new ideas.

Minutes after the article was posted, I learned some card issuers were denying service members the benefits, and that there were other nuances to promised benefits I was not aware of.

You can read the dust-up for yourself in the comments section.

So even if a magazine article takes a few paragraphs before getting to the nut graph, the reader is less likely to just flip the page and move on the way we tend to do with online content.

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For example, Gene Weingarten’s 2006 Pulitzer Prize-winning article for The Washington Post about a remarkable children’s magician is vaguely titled “The Peekaboo Paradox” and runs over 9,000 words.

In print, there are certainly gossip magazines and other less prestigious publications that don’t require much sourcing, but publications that deal with travel, finance, health, or other blog-friendly topics will want authors to quote professional sources rather than rely on person opinions.

Online journalism has created an interesting relationship between sourcing and accountability.

While digital writers are expected to be their own authority, their readers will take note of any errors in real time.

Make a specious claim in print, and your editor will publish a reader’s letter rebutting it or print a retraction in the next edition.


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