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The videos are thought evoking and intrigue the audience to look deep within the movies.

Lessons from the Screenplay: The 7 to 16 minute video essays analyse screenplays to demonstrate how certain aspects of movie scripts can work really well in telling a story and conjure up the desired emotions through brilliant writing.

At this stage I didn’t record any audio – I needed to plan that a bit more. I imported the Jing videos into i Movie and added audio. I exported the videos to my desktop and then uploaded them to my school’s You Tube channel (Davo HSEnglish Channel).

I thought that I would have to run through these a couple of times to get it right but in the end I just did them off the cuff and I was happy with the final product. I made sure that in the description of each video I told the students what was featured in each clip to help them make the best selection.

His “Understanding Art” is one of the most insightful playlists on You Tube.

Every Frame a Painting: One of the most popular film analysis channels on You Tube, Every Frame a Painting is dedicated to the analysis of how different film-structures (cinematography, background score, framing, etc.) convey varying emotions to connect with the audience.As the BBC points out, it isn't illegal to promote academic cheating, but if the student is found out, it can incur penalties and academic discipline.The paid promotions for Edu Birdie violate You Tube's Academic Aid policy, which states that "Advertising is not permitted for academic aids." The site's Academic Aid policy includes academic paper-writing services "providing customized/prewritten theses [and] dissertations." You Tube just pulled hundreds of videos sponsored by paid essay-writing service Edu Birdie, which encourages academic cheating.The essays delve into the art of cinema and cover a wide range of topics starting from the theme in movies of certain filmmakers to cinematic tools used to portray a story.Now You See It: Similar to Every Frame a Painting in style and narratives, Now You See It covers broader themes in short simple videos around 5 to 7 minutes.I have been out of the classroom 3/5 days this term and I will continue to be out of the classroom 3/5 days next term. My classes have happily continued with their projects (OK, except for Year 8 who just wanna have me there to clown around with them) and are communicating with me via edmodo frequently.One of the things I have found difficult is not being their for my ‘I am the expert’ lessons – you know, where I spend part of a lesson being a ‘teacher’ at the front of the room and doing some whole class interactive instruction.I brainstormed what I wanted my students to know and created a super rough outline of the structure and content of each video.I decided that five shorter videos was heaps better than a 20 minute video.Fandor: Unlike the rest of the names on the list, Fandor hosts a large number of video essayists.Therefore, there are a good number of essays of different styles and on diverse topics.


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